Every corporate and business need brandingcollaterals to create a communication bridge with the audiences andstakeholders. There are several essential collaterals that are essential andefficient to build a stronger company brand image.


Annual reports provide insightful information on the company’s achievement of the year. It summarizes the company progression, projects, financial status and other achievement. It helps the shareholders and stakeholders to have more confidence about their investments and participation in the company.


Packaging is far more than protecting the goods. It creates an impactful influence in consumer decision. There are numerous of products brand on the shelf. In order to stand out from the rest, it is essential to create a well-thought packaging design and choose the right printing materials that showcase the product in their best shape.


POSM is the abbreviation of Point Of Sales Materials. It is a powerful advertising material that used to communicate brand information to the audience at the retail environment or targeted places. It is part of the BTL campaign where you can usually detect from hypermarket, retail store and commute.

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